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I wanted to share my user experience. I had problems with the musculoskeletal system right after I gained weight. The extra pounds put extra stress on my legs, so I started to feel pain when walking, swelling appeared, several times I woke up from seizures. When I went to the doctor, it turned out that I had the first symptoms of varicose veins. The specialist advised me not to postpone the treatment until later, as this can lead to illness. In addition, the doctor explained to me the best way to start treatment and recommended to order gel for varicose veins. At first I doubted it, because I used to buy drugs at the pharmacy. Such a purchase seemed safe to me, even though most of the funds purchased were ineffective and expensive enough.

After studying several articles on Varius Plus, I decided to place an order. I was pleasantly surprised by the price and the attentive attitude of the consultant, with whom we chose a suitable delivery time. The order arrived quickly, and with it the instructions for use, from which I learned how to use the product. During the doctor's appointment I was told that treating varicose veins requires an integrated approach, so I used the product immediately after the contrast shower and applied it with massaging movements.

After the first application I realized this is simply the best I have tried. The gel instantly cooled the problem area, relieving swelling and discomfort. The next day, I felt lightness in my legs, my walk was no longer painful. Therefore, I can advise anyone who suffers from varicose veins or wants to avoid the disease. The product just smells amazing and works efficiently.

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Experience using Varius Plus from Boris from Riga

Since childhood, I play sports, this habit has not left me in adulthood. However, about six months ago, I started to experience discomfort in my legs after exercising. I could not understand what the problem was, because I was giving rational loads on the musculoskeletal system. After going to a specialist, it turned out that the problem was inadequate foot care and poor diet. The doctor advised me to buy Varius Plus and made a balanced diet, which contained much more useful elements and vitamins.

I immediately started the treatment because I was afraid it would turn into a disease. I felt the effect of the drug after several uses. It has become much easier to play sports, the pain and cramps are gone. Gel against varicose veins has indeed proven to be an effective and safe remedy. Ideal even for my sensitive skin, and did not cause allergic reactions or redness. The drug contains only natural ingredients, smells good and has a dense texture, due to which it is consumed economically.

Now that the gel is constantly in my medicine cabinet, I always recommend it to my colleagues if they have similar symptoms. The product is excellent value for money and absolutely deserves all the accolades, awards and positive reviews received.